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What will this cost me?

There are two aspects of gaming in how many trophies you got from my perspective. One being time and the second money/budget. Currently I don’t have as much time to play as before but on the other hand I have money to buy games, which was not the case when I was younger. But when I was younger I had all the time the world, but no as much money.

As I posted before I made a rough calculation on how long it would take for me to become Top 100 on PSNProfiles. So I have “cost” in time.

But how much will this cost me in money?

So let’s play with some numbers again!

I need to complete 184 Games to get to Top 100 (everything else equal)

I have Playstation Plus Extra, which gives me a free backlog of roughly 40 Games.

Then we are down to 144 Games needed.

But let’s guess that each monthly game from PSN+ is a new one for me.

This means 12 games a year. (times 8 years), will give me 96 games.

Then we are down to 48 games that I need to buy.

To make the calculation somewhat simple, each game will cost retail price of $70 (I would however look for deals, so the real number should be smaller)

So 48 Games x $70 = $3 360 is what this goal will cost me.

As with the timeline, I will use this cost as a baseline and see how I can improve it.

So in 8 Years for the cost of $3 360 I will becoming Top 100 in Sweden on PSNProfiles!


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