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Trophy Strategy

It's a double edge sword, but my goal is to become Top 100 in Sweden on PSNProfiles but I don't want to get there by any cost. I want to enjoy the journey and play games I find funny and enjoy. Sure, I will probbaly run into a mine or two but overall it's should be fun! But I also need to be realistic and time is what is against me. Like I have previous discussed long games,like Death Stranding will take alot of time which will set me back. So I am working on a strategy were I focus on long game while in parallel play a shorter one with maybe not to "deep" story. Again with limit amount of time, an idea would be to during the weeks play shorter game and during the weekend play long game. The short game should not take longer than 15h to get the Platinum.

I will start testing this strategy next week, with the following lineup: Long Game: Death Stranding Short Game: Marsupliami: Hoobadventure

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