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Trophy Radar

It feels there is room for Sony to visualize the trophy list in a more exciting way.

Today when you look at the trophy list it does not give you many answers. It feels there is much interesting info that could be shared and visualised differently that would be helping you as a trophy hunter.

I was thinking, what if they create a “Trophy Radar” instead or additional the the regular trophy list for each game? Maybe looking something like this:

That would hold the following features:

How hard is the Game?

The idea is that each bubble is a trophy. You can see which are bronze, silver and gold. The placement on the radar is determine by how rare it is. For example outer circle is 75%-99%, next circle 50%-75% and so on. Of course the Platinum is in the center!

There is two metrics for the placement:

1) What layer in the circle it should be place

2) Where in that layer should the trophy bubble should be place (hardest trophy would end up where the red bubble is placed.

This would give you a quite good indication on how -“hard” the game is.

Maybe a red circle around the ones that are missable trophy?

Give you some guidance, In what order should I take the trophies?

What if there was a way, so you could see what is the most common path in earning the trophies? Most common is that earn trophy x, then trophy y and so on.

Also, what If you could toggle on in which order you have earn/currently earn. Showing your path.

Give me the extra guidance

What If there was a Tooltip on each trophy bubble to learn more about the trophy and maybe even a link to a trophy guide?

I really like this idea, but if Sony does maybe I should fix it myself? I am adding this to my backlog of ideas.


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