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Top 5 Hardest Games

I have decided to not to play 5 minutes Platinum games (just to reach my goal). The idea is that it should be a fun journey. But by excluding these games there are still opportunity to get some easier games in but I will probably work on some really hard ones as well, to show that I am a serious trophy hunter. So which are are the Top 5 Hardest PS5 games out there right now?

To determine this I checked on PSNProfiles with the a Top 5 Games. The rules I set out was:

1. It needs to have more than 100 Owners

2. The games with lowest Completion Average

3. The game needs to a have a platinum trophy

Top 5

1. NERF Legends - 0,56%

2. Oddworld: Soulstorm - 1,26%

3. The Elder Scrolls Online - 1,50%

4. SpellForce III Reforced - 1,71%

5. Train Sim World 2 - 2,58%

The game that sticks out from me in the this Top 5 is Oddworld: Soulstorm , which I will likely play. I am putting it in my backlog!


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