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Next Project - God Of War: Ragnarok

Updated: Mar 2

My latest Platinum was The Last Of Us Part 1, which I really enjoyed. The Last of Us serie is the best game I have every planned. If I would rank to Top 3 game series:

1) The Last Of US

2) Final Fantasy (especially the early ones)

3) Metal Gear Solid

4) Monkey Island (Need to sneak it in here)

But The Last Of US Part 1 is now done, so I need a new project for my next Platinum.

This was any easy pick and it will be God Of War: Ragnarok! I am really looking forward for this one.

I have played (and got the Platinum) God Of War on PS4, which was a really great game. I have never played any of the older ones, but I can understand the why people have been talking about the game series before. Looking forward to this adventure and see how many positions it will earn me on the leaderboard.


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