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The whole purpose with this site is to track my journey to become Top 100 on PSNProfiles in for my country. As I spend more look at the trophy data and the games released it makes me realise how broken then trophy system/value has become due to Shovelware. But not only that, it feels there is an aspect missing from the trophy value and it's how long it actually takes to complete a game. I have some thoughts on two different Leaderboards: 1) Who has completed the most games?

- Basically the number of games you have completed divided with the number of games release 2) How has completed the mot Platinums games and the hardest ones? - A Leaderboard that only counts the value of the Platinum (the more rare the more points) and some algorithm that adds points for how long it took to complete. I will continue to explore this as I continue my journey to the top!


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