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How Long will it take?

As I posted in my intro, my goal is to become Top 100 on PSNProfiles in my country (Sweden). Currently I am ranked 872, so there is some way to go.

I love data so let’s do some estimation on when I will be get there.

I currently have 122 445p and to get to 99 in Sweden you need 360 870p.

So I need to gather 238 425p (everything else equal).

Now we need to add some assumptions and estimates. Assumption 1

A Platinum game give you roughly 1 300p, meaning I need to complete 183 Games (238 425/1300).

Assumption 2 A Platinum game takes an average complete 15h.

I hope to be able to play 1h a day, meaning 7 h each week.

So let’s assume I manage to complete 2 games a month, meaning it will take me 91,5 months (183/2) aka 7,6 years (91,5/12)

So around 2027 I will be Top 100!

My goal is of course improve this. I will not wait 7 years for this goal to be achieved.

This will be my baseline going forward and I hope I will be able to push this timeline forward.


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