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The journey begins

I have always loved trophies. Since the day they were introduced on Playstation 3 I have loved them. They give that extra value to a game and also by getting a Platinum you a get an official stamp/bragging right that you have finished “everything” in a game. However, to be honest I have been quite sloppy in getting the Platinum until moving over to the next game.

One excuse is that there are some many great games being released and not enough time. But that changes now! With the release of Playstation 5, I have decided to step up my game and with a clear goal.

I am leaving all the history behind me and will focus on only Playstation 5 games and getting 100% on all of them, with the final goal to become Top 100 on PSNProfiles in my country Sweden. The idea is that the journey should be fun and excited and I will not play any 5 minutes games just the get the Platinum and climb the leaderboard. Been there and done that.

The idea is that this blog will help me keep track on my goal, work has diary to track my journey and discuss some gaming thoughts.

So wish me luck!

Today starts a new journey for my gaming journey!


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